Drawing the Tagine

(Drawing a comples still life object)

What you will Learn
Starting with placement and construct, the drawing moves through the logical steps of the Classical Drawing method. First establish the outside shape, then determine where the shadows lie, and divide your form into light and shadow. Next, add mid-tones to bridge that light and shadow, and thus turn the form. A more realistic illusion of three-dimensional form is achieved through adding two more values, moving the drawing to encompass 5 values.

It this were a simple form, with no surface interest, this might be the end of our drawing. But in this case, we need all the intricate work of the silverware decorative pieces, which wrap around this tagine. Mandy shows you and walks you through the steps of placement of that silverwork, making guidelines for the very, very small forms, and mapping in where those all go.

Lastly, she shows you how to make each of those much smaller forms look three-dimensional, and wraps up the whole drawing with finishing touches.

Who this is For
If you are a student who has completed Learn to Draw, this might be a good step up for you, to put the skills you acquired in Learn to Draw to good use, and apply them to a more advanced drawing.

Alternatively, if you already have some drawing skills, you will gain a wealth of insight from watching Mandy take this drawing all the way from beginning to end.

Please note, the video is speeded up from a drawing that took a number of hours to 30 minutes only.

What you will Get
A simple 30 minute video where Mandy demonstrated and narrates all the steps to complete a drawing in pencil of a complex still life object, with plenty of surface pattern.

PDF download of each of the steps and the original photo in both colour and monochrome.

Watch at your own leisure with lifetime access to this video and companion material.

No assignments, and no time limit.