Bosco, the Bulldog

(Drawing an adorable, little Bulldog puppy)

What you will Learn

Starting with placement and blocking-in, the drawing moves through the logical steps of the Classical Drawing method.  First establishing the outside shape, then determining the construct of the head, with its turn and tilt, and thus accurately aligning all the features of the head.  Next, adding in a little tone to assess our light and shadow pattern.  And then the values are heightened and the finishing touches bring a realistic illusion of three-dimensional form and fur and pattern, as well as the cutest little facial expression to the whole drawing.

Who this is For

This real-time video is for everyone who is interested in drawing pets and animals.

If you are a student who has completed Learn to Draw, this might be a good step up for you, to put the skills you acquired in Learn to Draw to good use, and apply them to a more advanced drawing.  

Alternatively, if you already have some drawing skills, you will gain a wealth of insight from watching Mandy take this drawing all the way from beginning to a gorgeous finish.

Please note, this video is recorded in real-time.  


What you will Get

This 75 minute video records the entire process in real-time of this drawing from a blank white paper beginning to an amazingly beautiful finish. Mandy demonstrates and narrates the steps to complete this drawing in professional grade Nitram charcoal on a light grey Stonehenge paper.

PDF download of each of six steps.

Watch at your own leisure with lifetime access to this video and companion material.

No assignments, and no time limit.