Mandy Boursicot


Mandy Boursicot is a leader in the emerging Classical Realism movement. After rigorous training in the Academic method at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, she now practices and teaches in her private atelier in Vancouver, BC.
Mandy Boursicot


Christine Simpson-Links

"When I started this course, I was expecting a little workshop giving me the basics on how to draw hands. This is so much more than that - this is an atelier course like they teach in Florence. Not only does Mandy teach you how to identify and draw the basic shapes of the hands, she also shows you step by step in how to render believable 3D hands, with all the anatomical nuances. The results are incredible! That alone is worth the price of the course. On top of that, she teaches you how past artists used hands in their work for maximum effect, gives you an anatomy lesson, does 2 complete demos, and provides you with 30 gorgeous examples to copy. Best of all, Mandy, herself, gives you in depth feedback on your assignments so that you are guaranteed to have amazing results. This is easily the best online art course I have ever taken! The only thing that beats it is an in person course at a top atelier. 5 out of 5!"

Delphia Johnstone

"Mandy Boursicot brings a magic to her Atelier that transcends both her amazing artistic talent, and her talent at being an educator. It is one thing to be able to make beautiful art, and another to be able to guide students in realizing their full potential. Mandy teaches not only the techniques required for the specific work at hand, but also what is required to achieve cohesion throughout the piece, and elevate it from being "nice", to being "extraordinary". Under Mandy's tutelage, I have learned to approach my drawing, and see my subject matter, in a whole new way. Mandy has enabled me to take my work to a level I did not know I had! Thank you so much Mandy!"

Erika B. Hilliard

Prior to registering for Mandy’s online Drawing Hands course, I doubted that it was possible to get the individualized feedback that I was used to getting in her in-person atelier courses. But because Mandy is such an excellent teacher, I registered anyway. And lo and behold, I was thoroughly impressed as I watched, on screen, Mandy’s pencil going over details of my drawing assignment that I had emailed her, as she clearly explained how I could improve this or that aspect of my drawing. Mandy’s keen eye, expertise, conscientiousness, ability to communicate her ideas concisely and her true interest in her students’ progress make her online courses an invaluable resource to anyone looking to improve their drawing skills.

Rosemary Cashman

I have taken many classes in Mandy’s studio and was thrilled when she offered an online course in drawing hands when COVID hit. In addition to being a wonderful artist, Mandy is a great teacher. Her classes are thoughtful and well organized and her feedback is very helpful. You will definitely learn from her! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Wu Cheng Dong

When I heard that Mandy has a “Hand Drawing” course on line, I was quite sure that it must be a good one. The reason for me is that, as her student since three years ago, I am always amazed by what she taught me in her studio. With no exception, when I started watching the course, I was really impressed. The course divided into five sections and each section has a specific topic. For me, as a Chinese, the first section on hands in Western art history is very informative so I watched this section several times. The sections on anatomy of hands, including the demos are helpful to understand the structure of hand and also the process to draw hands in a correct way. I spent almost one week to watch the videos and doing the assignments. I spent then three days to draw one bonus assignment which is the hands from a Bouguereau painting. What I did was to watch the video demos slowly fraction by fraction, sometimes repeated one fraction if I did not understand well, in order to follow the whole process Mandy showed us in her video until I complete this drawing. By doing so, I believe it is very helpful for me to understand more about the whole process in terms of hand contour in relationship with its anatomy, the form modeling and also the way of hatching. Hands are of rich expression with a lot of information due to their boney structure, fat pads and muscles so that it is not an easy job to drawing them correctly. Through these exercises I felt much confident on drawing our clever hands. I am now continuing drawing the other thirty reference hand drawings and I really want to recommend to fellow art students that this “Hand Drawing” course is so helpful to those who want to draw hands correctly with confidence.